Where do your values lie?

We point out what companies, organizations and charities are aligned with Christian Values, and which are not, so you can make morally informed decisions on what to do with your capital.

Stock Picks & Investment Recommendations

That have Financial Potential and are aligned with Christian Morality

Charitable Giving (At least 50% of C3 Net Profits)

At least 50% of C3’s net profits are donated/gifted to organizations promoting Christan values each month.

Research, Analysis & Education

On what companies and charities align with Christian Values and which do not. Plus C3 provides a lot of educational content on investing that is completely free.

A Message from the Founder

The Hard Truth – If you invest in the stock market and did not hand pick and thoroughly research every company your money goes to, then you are most likely supporting Anti-Christian companies that support abortion, contraception, Human Trafficking, Pornography, Transgender Ideology and Critical Race Theory.

“When you invest in something or someone, that means you want that something or someone to grow in power and influence.” ~  Unknown (Possibly St. Thomas Aquinas)

Hello, my name is Marc Lozano and I own and operate Christ Centered Capital (C3). At C3 we primarily focus on three things.

  1. Provide in depth research and analysis on what companies, organizations and charities align with Christian Values and which do not.
  2. Provide investment recommendations and stock picks that have financial potential and are also aligned with Christian Values.
  3. Charitable giving. We charge a $7/month subscription to gain access to our site and all its content, and at least 50% of the net profits received from these subscriptions is donated to vetted Christian Charities.

Below is a little background information on myself and Christ Centered Capital.

I hold both graduate and undergraduate degrees in Finance and Economics. I have held corporate jobs and worked as an investor and money manager. The job I held most recently was for the NBA in their Business Operations Department. Throughout these collegiate and professional years, I had a slow burn conversion from atheism to Christianity, prompted by my beautiful Wife Taylor and despite my own arrogance and stupidity.

In June of 2021 I learned that it was time to leave the NBA and the corporate world all together because of painfully obvious moral issues. Chief among these moral issues was learning what my retirement portfolio was funding (Abortion, Contraception, Pornography, CRT, Human Trafficking…etc.).

After leaving the NBA and liquidating all my investments, I started searching for companies and organizations that were calling this information out and making it available to the public. I found some conservative watchdog sites and biblically responsible investment (BRI) firms, but these organizations did not provide me what I was looking for. They kept their research and screening methods secretive, and they seemed to be lenient on what companies got into their portfolios (Don’t be a porn company or a company hit with some major public lawsuit about child labor and you’re in!). This is when I decided to start C3.

The opinions expressed in C3 are viewed as extreme by some people. Some people say you must invest in the Amazons, Netflix’s, and Googles, it is the financially responsible thing to do. However, if those same people complain about the depravity in today’s culture and the anti-Christian values promoted by such big influencers like Amazon, Netflix, and Google, then those complaints fall on deaf ears. We know that Christianity has been losing the Culture War for decades. This point is made obvious by several cultural happenings; the growing support for abortion access, the growing number of religious none’s, the promotion of transgender ideology and Critical Race Theory, and the emphasis on bluntly anti-Christian values. We can complain about these things all day, but if we still rely on the companies that promote anti-Christian values to improve our bottom lines, then we are essentially giving support to our enemy in this culture war. If you were going to war, would you give all your firepower to your enemy? People may say this language about war is too extreme, but there is well over 600,000 aborted babies every year in this just the U.S. and that is more deaths than most wars have turned out (and abortion is just one issue among many).

Here at C3 we ask one question, where do your values lie?

Pray on this question and let God guide you to an answer. C3 will never tell you what to do with your money, we just provide the information and give recommendations. What you do is between you and our Lord.

Thank you for your time & God Bless,


Christus Rex