Published on 2/1/2022

AS OF 11:00 AM EST  ON 3/29/22 THIS MOCK PORTFOLIO BY C3 IS UP 11.84%.


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This Mock Portfolio has been in the works for a little while and has taken some serious research time to put together. The C3 team spent time finding 100’s of investments that we thought had financial potential for the year 2022 and beyond. After we had an overwhelming number of investments compiled, we started screening them for “Serious” violations of Judeo-Christian values. Once we got our list down to a more manageable number it was time to start picking investments that would complement each other in a well-balanced portfolio. The result is below!

DISCLAIMER: This Mock Portfolio was designed to help the Christian Investor (And other like-minded people) invest in a balanced portfolio that C3 thinks has financial potential and is in alignment with their moral convictions. However, this mock portfolio is just the opinions of the C3 staff. C3 nor any of its employees or founders are financial planners or brokers. C3 is essentially an opinion blog dedicated to moral investing. Therefore, if you choose to actually invest in the assets listed in this mock portfolio, you do so at your own risk.

Second to last point, C3 will continually make updated and changes to this portfolio as needed. Companies are always bowing down to secular values and certain investments fall out of good standing all the time. Please check back for regular updates and new information regarding this mock portfolio.

Last Point, this portfolio, traditionally speaking, would be considered high risk. Due to the nature of moral investing it is tougher to hedge against risk when compared to typical investing. Taking out major players like “Big Tech” and time-tested ETFs make combatting risk much more difficult. The C3 team strived to compose a well-balanced portfolio, but in many ways, we are limited by the ethics of our time.

*If there are any questions about this Mock Portfolio, or how to navigate the charts and the excel, please email *


DOWNLOAD The Portfolio Spreadsheet Here

All Relevant Write-ups on the assets included in this mock portfolio can be found by typing the name of the asset into the C3 website search function.


As always please spend time with our Lord Jesus Christ and speak with friends and family members before making any major financial decisions.