Published on 3/26/2022

Before we get into the assets that turned up in the C3 curation process this week, let’s just quickly go over some investing basics…

  • Don’t just take someone’s word for it when it comes to investing, even if they are a licensed professional. DO YOUR OWN DUE DILLIGENCE!! Knowledge is key and you don’t have to be an expert in something when investing but you should be able to understand the basics.


  • Make sure your personal portfolio has at least 25 different assets. Anything less is just way too risky and frankly, it’s just plain dumb.


  • Invest ASAP and stop putting it off. No one has a crystal ball and if you’re waiting for the next big drop, it may never come. So, invest now and at the very least start Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) your way into the market.


  • Don’t try and time the market perfectly. You are better off just investing when you have the excess income and holding for the long-term. No one times the market perfectly, but a lot of investors are successful by just consistently investing, being patient, and not panicking at the drop of a hat or stock price.


  • Long-Term strategy! Long-Term strategy! Long-Term strategy! This is so important. Do NOT invest money you will need tomorrow, next week or next month. The ideal is to invest money and not even think about it for another five years. The market is a volatile place and holding for the long-term is one of the best defenses against that volatility.

Okay onto the assets that popped up on the C3 radar this week. Keep in mind we curate information from dozens of outlets and influencers that claim these assets have financial potential and then we apply moral analysis to them. It is completely up to you whether you want to add any of these assets to your portfolio. The below is just the opinions of the C3 analyst team.

  • GOLD = Passed the C3 ethical screening process
  • PURPLE = NUETRAL Rating from C3
  • RED = Failed the C3 ethical screening process


First up are the Cryptos. A few Altcoins keep almost making the cut on our curation process but have just not gained enough traction to make it. However, we wanted to inform our subscribers about these high risk, high reward altcoins that have piqued the interest of some “Crypto Experts.” Want to really learn what an altcoin is, WATCH THIS. C3 would never suggest having huge positions in any of these small time cryptos, but they are all interesting plays with high reward potential.

Unibright (UBT)UBT Website – UBT is a leader in Blockchain technology and is working hard to promote its Baseledger blockchain network to enterprise organizations. The price per UBT is right at $1.54 at the time of this posting with a market cap of $230.6M, but it is not supported on major crypto wallets like Coinbase. Basically, UBT is a blockchain developer and helps organizations with blockchain and token integration. UBT allows for a “no-coding” approach to smart contracts. UBT keeps getting more buzz and it has been rallying the past month.

Kryxivia (KXA) – Getting into the technicals behind KXA is a bit beyond the scope of C3, but a good intro explainer video can be watched HERE. KXA is a play to earn video game/crypto. The reason people are talking about KXA is because of its potential metaverse implications. Play to Earn games are all the rage of the crypto/tech savvy population because they are addicting games that are fun to play, for some, and have great financial potential because of the predicted seamless integration they will have into the metaverse. KXA is extremely popular among new/potential play to earn games and for good reason. The visuals are great, and the technical innovation keeps moving forward. C3 never supports companies that are completely dependent on the metaverse so KXA does get the RED rating from C3, but Crypto investors should keep what KXA does on their radars.

Radix (XRD) – XRD is a Crypto that is working to build smart contracts faster without sacrificing security. This is no easy feat, we are told, but XRD seems to be moving in the right direction. This is a good explainer video on Radix.

Ethereum (ETH)  – ETH & BTC for that matter have started to grow quickly again and some price predictions and market cap predictions for ETH are beyond bullish. Cathie Wood of Ark investing says the market cap for ETH could top $20T (yes, T stands for Trillion). Major businesses like MetLife, Mastercard, Cisco, TD Ameritrade, and Ubisoft have all invested in or are bullish on ETH. The predicted growth in terms of percentage for ETH is far greater than that of BTC. Not saying this will be the case but it is what analysts are thinking. ETH has not exploded yet, which is why now may be the time to start increasing a position.


A few Stocks that made it into our curation process that actually passed our C3 Ethical screening Process.

Fortinet (FTNT) – A Cybersecurity company that is one of the worlds leaders. FTNT financials are astounding; Revenue Annual Growth Rate is at 23%, Operating Income at 39%, and Cash Flow per Share at over 25%. This company is what you would typically think of when it comes to Cyber Security, they just do it better and bigger than most. Many analysts think FTNT is going to be profitable for the foreseeable future. No real bad morals coming up on the C3 Ethical screen, but typical tracking and support of companies that C3 does not like is typical for a large tech company. However, just because organizations like Amazon use FTNT products does not make FTNT an immoral investment. With that kind of “remote” evil it is up to the individual investor to decide whether to invest. At the end of the day FTNT does play a critical role in keeping information and people safe online.

Garmin (GRMN) – A Navigation Communications (AKA GPS) company. This GPS company excels in remote regions where Google Maps and others may fail due to a loss of signal. GRMN tech is used by marine transportation companies, serious triathletes, and even aviation. GRMN has been getting the buzz lately because of its 1,700 patents and 1,000 trademarks in the GPS world. GRMN leadership has a history of not supporting School Choice and this is a deal breaker for some moral investors who recognize the importance of free market competition when it comes to education.

Realty income Corporation (O) – O is one the best dividend plays out there and analysts are generally bullish on the REIT because of their recession resistant list of assets. O focuses on and leases to consumer staples like Wal-Mart, Dollar general, 7/11 and Amazon. Now, of course it is giving unfavorable organizations a place to conduct business like Amazon and CVS (who both get terrible ratings from C3 and other Conservative screening organizations), but this kind of remote evil is not cause for a RED rating from the C3 ethical screening process.


All the below stocks failed our C3 ethical screening process miserably. They popped up on our financial radar because of the dividend payouts they give (Dividends are a big deal to investors during volatile times like the present). However, despite their strong financials, C3 cannot get behind any of the below because of the things they support. Though, we can’t really argue with the financial side of things on the below assets. Starbucks alone is making big headlines by being one of the first non-gas station entities to have EV charging stations at their stores. A genius plays since EVs take a minimum of 45 minutes to charge completely. More time at Starbucks = more money spent at Starbucks.

StarbucksLGBT Legislation, LGBT Pride Parade, & Child Labor in Guatemala,

Johnson & JohnsonAbortifacients, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, LGBT Legislation, LGBT Donations & Contraceptives

JPMorganOut & Equal Partner, Equality Act Supporter, Predatory Lending and Promotion of Nefarious Businesses.

Pepsi CoOut & Equal Partner, Equality Act Supporter,

Unilever – Pro-Abortion Legislation, National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, & Equality Act Supporter

Vanguard High Dividend Yield – Abortion Support, LGBT Philanthropy/Donations/Legislation, Pornography, Tobacco, Abortifacients, IVF, Alcohol, Cannabis, & Gambling.


As always, spend time in prayer with our Lord Jesus Christ and speak with friends and family before making any major financial decisions.