Published on 11/30/21

C3’s Top Tier List of Tradeable Assets

This list is comprised of various companies and assets from multiple industries that are the best options for a Christian investor on the market at the time of this posting. The C3 Criteria and Process Steps for exchangeable assets making this list are summarized below.

  1. Is the companies core business function for the common Good? This criterion eliminates pornography companies, abortion providers, contraceptive manufacturers, most if not all alcohol companies and Gambling companies, companies that promote addictive behavior or unhealthy behavior. Soda companies, snack food companies and dessert companies are fair game for C3, but this is an ongoing philosophical and moral debate. An ice cream company can be good for bonding with someone or rewarding a good behavior or even building a strong sense of community among teams and families, but it can also be very unhealthy if not enjoyed in moderation.
  2. Does the company donate to any causes that are opposed to Christian Values?
  3. Does the company support or promote any ideologies that are opposed to Christian values?
  4. Does the company have legitimate financial potential? Does their business model, balance sheets and financials look good or is it a poorly ran company?
  5. Would we, as Christians, want this company or asset to grow in power and influence?

C3 believes the companies and assets on this list have passed the above criteria and are acceptable for the Christian to invest in. These companies and assets are not perfect, but they are currently the best options that the market is offering to Christian investors.

Please be sure to spend time in prayer with our Lord Jesus Christ and speak with friend and family members before making any major financial decisions.

A Coded Key to understanding this list.

  • (*) The Asset is recommended by Top Rated Stock Picking firms that are not Christian.
  • (^) The Asset has beaten the S&P 500 over the last five years.
  • ($) The Asset has a favorable Buy rating by at least one major broker.
  • (!) The Asset passed the C3 Criteria with excellence.
  • (-) The Asset barely passed the C3 Criteria.

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