Published on 6/28/2022

The below link will take you to a Google Spreadsheet that details all the top ETHICAL picks that have come up in C3’s curation reports. C3 does not actively seek out ethical stocks, rather, C3 curates’ information from major financial institutions and influencers and then puts those “timely” picks from the market through a rigorous moral screening process. Through this method we are able to provide you with assets that are deemed to have financial potential by the market but are also morally acceptable. 

As you could imagine most of the assets that come up in our curation reports are not ethical winners from a Christian perspective. Less than 20% of the assets that show up in our curation reports get a positive score in our ethical screening process. This doc will showcase the assets that have passed our ethical screening tests. Unfortunately, not all of these assets are financial winners, mostly due to the struggling economy. But nonetheless they are the assets that passed our screening tests and most of them seem to be solid long-term holds. 

This link will be updated every time C3 releases a new Curation Report.


C3’s Ethical Assets 

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