Published on 11/3/2021

The Financial Advice Cheat Sheet


  1. Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a moral responsibility, especially for those of us with dependent family members. If we die and our family must use the money in the bank or assets as collateral to pay for a funeral it can add more devastation to an already devastating time in the lives of our family members.

There are so many options out there for life insurance. It seems like a million in one different companies offer it and there are even more ways to construct a particular policy. However, my advice is not to get bogged down with all the choices, just look for a policy that fits the below criteria and you are off to a great start.

Get a policy for yourself that would have a death payout equivalent to at least ten years of your current salary. This could and should be less if you no longer have dependents living in your house with you. No reason to have a $500K policy if you are 92 years old and have no children. This is where your common sense should kick in.

  1. Long Term Investing

Invest in at least 20-25 assets and hold those assets for at least 10 years. There is always room to day trade with extra income, but you should be investing for the long term with some of your disposable income. The C3 Mock Portfolio is a fantastic way to get started on investing for the long haul.

  1. Ten percent Minimum

At minimum 10% of every dollar, you earn should be put into savings. This could be into an investment portfolio or an IRA of some sort, but this money should not be spent, left in the bank (where interest rates are awful) or stuffed in your mattress. The 10% number is the minimum, and the percentage should be as high as you can make it, but this is dependent on your specific situation.

  1. Be Charitable

This should really be number one on the list! Give back and trust that the Lord will provide. A lot of people like to throw out that number of a 10% tithe, but again this give back amount is dependent on your specific situation. Always keep in mind the Gospel teaching of Mark 12:42-43 ~ “but when one poor widow had arrived, she put in two small coins, which is a quarter. And calling together His disciples, He said to them: ‘Amen I say to you, that this poor widow has put in more than all those who contributed to the offertory…”

Sometimes people can give 90% of their income to the poor and less fortunate because of their wealth and it could b considered sinful to not give 95% because they live in so much excess. In other situations, it may not be prudent to give any money to the poor because you yourself are poor and you have children or others who are relying on you to provide. This idea of giving should be done with generosity but also prudence. Spend time with our Lord Jesus Christ and let Him guide your steps and give you wisdom on what the right thing to do is when it comes to giving and being charitable.

  1. The Simple Life

Strive to live modestly. Do not try and keep up with the Jones’s. We know that wealth, power, honor, and pleasure when pursued in of themselves do not bring joy or contentedness of heart. So why bother with them. As the Great C.S. Lewis said, “Aim for Heaven and get earth thrown in, aim for earth and get neither.”

Think of this thought experiment. Take Mother Teressa and the first billionaire that pops into your head. For me it is usually Mark Cuban. Now ask yourself which person lived a life with more Joy? I know we are judging here, but sometimes we must use our God given reasoning ability to come to conclusions. Most everyone I have ever asked this question to have said without hesitation that Mother Teressa lived a more Joyful life. Now think about this…would you rather live where Mother Teressa lived or live where Mark Cuban lives? Would you rather have the possessions that Mark Cuban has or the possessions that Mother Teressa had? Would you rather the lifestyle of the Billionaire or the lifestyle of Mother Teressa? If we are being honest with ourselves than we always pick the Billionaire when these questions are asked, yet we know the saint lived the more joyful life. Why the disconnect? It is because are flesh driven desires of wealth, power, pleasure, and honor do not satisfy our ultimate needs. So, do not bother keeping up with the Jones’ and just embrace the simple life.

  1. Meal Prep

Going less theological here and more practical, Meal Prep. Take a day and make it fun and meal prep with your spouse or the whole family or just by yourself. Cooking can be very therapeutic and meal prepping can save you a fortunate in the long haul. Think of all the times you ran through the drive thru or ordered Chinese because cooking seemed like too much of a chore. You would save that drive thru money and that Chinese money if you had a nice homecooked meal just waiting to be microwaved in the fridge!! Plus, the health benefits are a great upside to meal prepping. You do not even have to make the healthiest dishes because when the alternative is McDonalds most meals are healthy by comparison. Just try to throw a little bit of veggies in where you can and stay away from that carbonated sugar water. FYI…no one employed at C3 is a nutritionist!!!

  1. Financial Mentor

Get a Mentor or Financial Coach. This may seem a bit new-agey or even a bit too luxurious, but the benefits are proven. A good Mentor or Financial Coach can be a life saver. Perhaps you and your spouse are struggling financially, or you have a big decision to make, and you are experiencing some choice paralysis, this is where a quality mentor can come in clutch. A lot of the most successful people I know who seem like they got it all together have a trusted financial mentor. Sometimes the mentor has less money in the bank than the mentee but that does not mean that the mentor cannot depart some financial wisdom. Most financial coaches I know have a financial coach because sometimes two heads are better than one and you may just be too close to a situation emotionally to make the right decision for yourself and others.


There you have it, the seven financial tips that make up the C3 Financial Cheat Sheet. As always spend time in Prayer with our Lord before making any major financial decisions. Jesus Christ is the Ultimate Financial Mentor!