Published on 12/2/2021

A lot is affecting or could potentially affect the Stock market in the month of December and into the new year. The Fed Chair Jerome Powell making some “interesting” comments, the new Omicron variant of Covid-19, Metaverse excitement, and bullish prediction on the Staffing, Travel and Semiconductor industries are all playing their role in a somewhat volatile market right now. Usually with so much going on at once it means that something is bound to take off in a big way and there will be some major losers as well. C3 has done the research and monitored all the major influencers in the market and below are our thoughts on what stocks are going to be a sound investment to get into in the next few months.

We will of course give you our take on whether these companies are opposed to Christian Values in any meaningful way. C3 always likes to point out which stocks are going to take off even if they are opposed to Christian values because we believe that the active investor should be aware of what temptations to avoid.

Let us dive in…

GOLD – An asset that has passed the C3 Screening

PURPLE – An asset that has passed the C3 Screening, but better alternatives exist, or constant monitoring should be conducted.

RED – An asset that has failed the C3 Screening.

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If any C3 subscribers ever want a more compete and deeper dive into any of the stocks, or assets mentioned here on the C3 website, please email with your questions. We try to keep our posts brief for a few reasons.

  1. The size of our team is small, and time needs to be precisely allocated.
  2. We know a lot of our investors are not professionals and do not care about a lot of the minutia (No matter how interesting we think it is).
  3. We like our subscribers to be able to quickly digest our posts and leave with clear and concise information that they can act on.

As always please spend tie with our Lord Jesus and speak with friends and family members before making any major financial decisions.