Published on 1/25/2022

DIY Investing


A lot of people are petrified of investing. Taking your money that you have saved and putting it into something that is not a 100% guarantee is scary enough, but when you add commission fees, complicated financial terms, and technology to it, the process of managing your own investments becomes downright scary!

Well, C3 has some good news. Managing your own investments does not have to be as scary as we think it is. The overall marketplace for investments may not be a 100% guaranteed thing but over time quality investments have always gone up. Commission fees to brokers are a thing of the past thanks to platforms like Ally invest, TD Ameritrade, Robinhood and so many others. Also, all these digital platforms have become increasingly user friendly over time.

Let us look at Robinhood. Robinhood would not be C3’s overall best recommendation for managing your own investments but the case could be made that it is the most user friendly. You could download Robinhood to your phone, link your bank account, and pick your investments from an easy search and find function all within a few minutes (you may have to wait for your bank to clear the funds for a few days depending on how much you are investing).

So, the task of investing for yourself is not as daunting as some financial professionals would have you believe. BUT WAIT A MINUTE!! Sure, it may be easy to just put some money into a stock, crypto or ETF but how in the world do we decipher what to invest in. Isn’t that what we pay the financial planner for? Yes, that is what you pay the financial planner for, but you are probably paying too much, and the financial planner is most likely not concerned with the ethics of the investments they are making with your money. Not to mention, they are probably not getting the most bang for your buck. Most planners and advisors out there play it safe and don’t ever swing for the fences, which is a fine strategy if you have a lot of money to begin with and don’t care about truly growing your wealth. However, there are methods the individual investor can implement that will mitigate risk and increase potential reward that the financial planners of the world just do not have the time or bandwidth to do.

This is where the shameless plug for C3 comes in. The information laid out in the above paragraphs is what makes C3 such a useful asset to the individual Judeo-Christian Investor. We charge a flat fee of only $7/month (Half of which is donated away) and our subscribers get the missing part to the puzzle…Quality information on what to invest in!! Trade on any number of user-friendly platforms commission free and prayerfully use the information C3 provides to invest in things that have Financial Potential and that are in alignment with your Values. Sounds like a win to us!

C3 will not insult your intelligence by copying and pasting screen shots of how to open up a brokerage account, but here is a HOW TO link for TD Ameritrade (Not an official C3 endorsement). Please forgive us if we have insulted your intelligence!

Below is a nice little chart detailing the pros and cons of managing your own investments.

PROS of DIY Investing Cons of DIY Investing
No commission fees Potentially Higher Risk
Potentially higher ROI Takes more time and effort (Though not much)
Easily withdraw or change investments
Invest in adherence to personal moral convictions
Ability to engage with alternative assets (Morgan Stanley is one of the only major financial firms that has dealt with things like Crypto)


A subscription to C3 makes managing your own investments a lot easier and we are always taking ideas for topics from our subscribers. Email if you ever have questions, comments, or concerns. Together we can start truly promoting Christian Values in today’s culture using the tool that talks, Capital!

As always, please spend time in prayer with our Lord Jesus christ and speak with friends and family before making any major financial decisions.