Published on 3/16/2022

Hello C3 Family!!

Those of you who are familiar with C3 content and the C3 investing Philosophy know that when it comes to Christian investing, there is no better ethical option than investing in startups that are for the Common Good and ran with Christian values at the forefront. Investing in startups can be tricky and deciphering whether a startup is a good financial decision is hard enough, but when you add in trying to find out if a startup is for the common good or ran with Christian Principles, the task is just too difficult. That is why C3 has partnered with Fundify. Fundify is a platform that looks to connect eager investors with amazing startups that are really trying to do some good in the world. The below post is just an introduction on Fundify, but in the coming weeks C3 and Fundify will be highlighting some startups that are morally sound that you can invest in (And no you do not need to be an accredited investor).


Investing in Startups on Fundify


Fundify is on a mission to democratize startup funding and investing for all. They do so with an online marketplace that makes it simple for anyone to invest in startups, regardless of accreditation.


The platform shares a growing number of startup deals from a wide range of industries. Recent examples include startups innovating in electric vehicle infrastructure, carbon capture, 5G, marketplaces, pharmaceutical therapeutics, AI and much more.


Fundify is led by a Christian founder and is home to a number of investment deals offered by Christian-led companies and other ethically run companies working to solve big problems.


Equity Crowdfunding

The investment market that Fundify is part of – called equity crowdfunding – is growing rapidly, with investment dollars surging 140% in 2021 on top of a record-setting 2020, according to industry analysts at Crowdfund Capital Advisors. Through an online offering, investors can access due diligence information in one place, ask questions directly to the founding team via online discussion boards and invest with just a few clicks.


High-Profile Deal-Flow Partners

Fundify partners with notable accelerators for quality deal flow. For example, they partner with MassChallenge, one of the largest global accelerators focused on helping entrepreneurs who take on massive challenges.


Ocean Accelerator is another deal-flow partner for Fundify. This is a faith-based accelerator that focuses on the growth of each startup as well as the entrepreneurs building them.


How to Invest on Fundify

You can access live deals in Fundify’s marketplace and click a startup’s card to learn more. There, you can review information about the company, market, team and more.


Investments can be made directly through the online campaign, and you can choose how much you want to invest. Minimum investment amounts are set by each startup, and maximums are set by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The amount someone can invest in this space is based on income and net worth, though accredited investors are exempt from this rule and can invest as much as they’d like.


These early-stage investments are held for at least one year, per SEC rules, and usually five years or longer until the startup reaches a successful exit (IPO, acquisition, certain follow-on funding rounds) or closes.


Key Fundify Features for Investors


  • Steady stream of reviewed deal flow across many industries
  • No investor fees on the platform
  • Investment minimums as low as $10 per deal, depending on the startup
  • Access to founders, experts, and other investors via online communication boards
  • No income minimums for investors

Learn more at and join for free to stay informed about new deals.

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