Published on 11/12/21

$1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Stocks to Buy and Avoid


The $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill that the Biden administration has put together is all but passed. The bill is currently sitting on the president’s desk awaiting to be signed. This bill is great news for companies that will play a role in improving roads and highways in the US. Steel companies, raw material companies, car manufacturing companies, construction companies and a lot more will all see stock prices rise because of this bill and the business it will create. The affects it will have on the economy overall for the long term is another story for another post.

There are going to be a lot of companies that will benefit financially from the passing of this bill, but this post is going to focus on which of the bigger name players can Christians get behind and which companies should Christians avoid. All the companies on this list will see a stock price rise and some already have, but the question we are trying to answer is what companies are aligned with the, or not opposed to Christian values. The nature and longevity of the infrastructure bill makes all these companies long term holds. Some of these companies have already grown as much as 15% since the bill was made a sure thing, but growth for these companies will be on the rise for the long term since the work that is going to be done will take a quite a few years!


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