Published on 9/19/2022

Investing at the right time + A right relationship with Wealth.

The economy is trash and right now is probably not the best time to get into the market, or is it?!?!

It is a no brainer for the savvy investor that down times are wealth makers for those that have the luxury of investing. However, not too many people have spare cash laying around during tough economic times. This is why the rich typically get richer and the poor stay the course. Yet, this old way of thinking has led some to pass up wealth gaining opportunities.

One of the issues in our time and every time is the keeping up with jones mentality. Just because you cannot invest thousands or even hundreds of dollars right now while the market is low does not mean you shouldn’t invest your $20 that you can afford. Because investing $20 into a down market and turning it into $100 or more over the next few years is better than spending that $20 now on something that you don’t really need.

C3 has made many posts over the last few months about assets that we think have financial potential in the long haul that actually pass our moral screening process. Those posts have been linked at the bottom of this short article. We encourage people to embrace that the best way to invest is to just start investing. You will lose and you will probably win from time to time but sitting on your money and doing nothing with it is usually a bad idea, especially in the Biden economy we are currently in where inflation is rampant, and the cost of living is skyrocketing.

The best time to invest is always the present because you do not know what tomorrow will bring. Maybe the market keeps dipping lower for the next two years and maybe a big surge is coming next week? No one has a crystal ball. The savvy investor must just do their due diligence and take the plunge. Forget about keeping up with jones’ and just work on improving your own situation. This will undoubtedly be the best way of moving forward for yourself and the community around you.

We know that investing can be scary, and this is something even us seasoned veterans struggle with, but one way to combat this fear is to engage in prayer with our Lord Jesus Christ. Our materialistic world puts far too much emphasis on money as we all are well aware of. Though despite our awareness of this issue we still let it affect us deeply in a negative way. Perhaps we invest all of our money and lose it all despite doing our research and trying to be good stewards of our God given capital, does this mean we should despair? Of course not, just check out this PAGE of various Psalms talking about God’s love for the poor and how we should not despair.

If you orient yourself to think more about the eternal and less about the material, then what you do with your money will become an easier burden to bear and will not cause so much anxiety. The main goal of C3 is not to create a bunch of wealth for our readers (Though we hope and pray we can do that) it is rather to inform our readers about the Christian morality and philosophy surrounding the topic of money and wealth. We want to encourage our readers to grow in their relationship with Christ and to understand better the relationship they should have with money according to the will of God.

So maybe right now is a bad time to invest, or maybe it is a good time to invest if you plan on sticking to the Golden Rules of diversifying and investing for the long-term, either way we hope that your investing life brings you to a close and more meaningful relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ as all aspects of your life should.

Thanks for reading this article!! It is greatly appreciated, and it gives us a reason to give ourselves advice, because we need to constantly hear this information or we ourselves will forget it!

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God bless and please spend time in Prayer with our Lord before making any major financial decisions and speak with friends and family as well!


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