Published on 12/23/2021

Stocks that have Financial Potential & Passed C3’s basic moral screening.

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Stocks with Financial Potential but Bad Morals.

  • Tesla (TSLA) LGBT
    • Overall Tesla is still getting a buy recommendation from most analysts. Tesla stock price is down from its highs in early November and this current price coupled with the new predictions of EV sales taking over two-thirds of all global car sales by 2040 make now a good time to get into TSLA from a Financial Perspective. However, given what Tesla promotes regarding the LGBTQ ideology, C3 cannot in good faith recommend Tesla. Plus, Tesla has aided Child Labor in the Congo for EV material production.
  • Target (TGT)LGBT + Pornography Distribution
    • TGT is at a steal of price right now down about $40/share from its high in November. TGT will get a boost from the typical Santa Rally that the market experiences this time of year and that makes now a good time to open up a long-term position in the retail giant (TGT still receives a buy rating from the majority of analysts). However, TGT is not a company that C3 can recommend given their role in promoting LGBTQ values and the distribution of Pornography.
  • Roku (ROKU) – Lots of Pornographic Content, Partners with Netflix and Amazon and treating people as sellable materials make Roku a terrible moral investment.
    • However, Roku is going to get a lot of hype in coming weeks and months because their business model from a financial standpoint is genius. Roku gets the consumer to buy the TV and then sells the consumer on Netflix and Amazon type subscriptions and they get a portion of those profits. Roku is double dipping on the profits, and it is helping them experience obscene growth. Ad Revenue is the main reason Roku has a 73% growth rate since 2020.


C3 does not guarantee any profits or losses when investing. Investing is risky and C3 recommends spending time in Prayer with our Lord Jesus Christ and speaking with friends and family before making any major financial decision.