Published on 2/14/2022


Happy Valentines Day. It is essentially a Hallmark holiday but if you want to learn more about St. Valentine, the third century saint then read a cool article HERE.

Okay, now let’s talk about Life Insurance!!

One of the items C3 included in our Financial Cheat Sheet was Life Insurance. Life insurance is something that in today’s day and age is practically a moral responsibility. If you have a family that depends on you then preparing for the worst is just prudent. And prudence is a virtue!! So, with that said, what are some ethical Life Insurance companies and which Life insurance companies are bad actors?

Life Insurance gets a bad rep because a lot of “Financial Advisors” get paid for pushing certain products and they can be pushy at times like all salespeople. Insurance premiums are the way in which a lot of financial planners and coaches make their money, and they have a big market to capitalize on. According to PolicyGenius only 52% of adult Americans have life insurance. Of those 52%, more than half of them probably do not have adequate coverage. General rule of thumb is to have a policy that would cover your salary for at least ten years and maybe more if you have very young children. We say ala this to say that this is not the case with C3. C3 is of course not a financial planner, advisor or coach and we get no kickbacks from any of these companies or links. C3 never gets kickbacks from any companies that show up in our blog posts. Our opinions are completely uninfluenced by corporations. We are funded completely by our $7/month subscriptions. This way we keep our opinions free from potential corruption and focused on our core Christian Values.

With all that said, let’s dive into our mixed bag of life insurance companies. It’s a mixed bag because it has some good actors, some bad actors, some big players, and some small fish.


  • Atlantic American Corporation (AAME) – AAME is a parent company that operates three separate companies that all live and operate in the Finance and insurance coverage world. Some version of AAME has been around since 1937 and their track record has been pretty good. They are an established and trusteed name in the world of insurance.


  • Primerica (PRI) – PRI is one of Forbes best insurance companies of America and they are not just insurance based. PRI also has investing/other financial services that its customers can take advantage of.


  • Cincinnati Financial (CINF) – CINF is one of the few big time publicly traded Life Insurance providers that passed the C3 ethical screening process. CINF is not a Christian company, but they stick to their business and C3 turned up no red flags when vetting them. CINF has a proven track record that dates to the 1950’s and they also provide homeowner and asset protection for those currently in that market.


  • Lincoln National Corp. (LNC)LGBT Philanthropy – not going to waste the tie going in depth with LNC since it would not pass our ethical screening process and there are just better ethical options out there for a person of faith looking for Life Insurance.




  • Christian Fidelity Life Insurance – This company specializes in the senior market for life insurance and Medicare Supplement insurance, and they were founded in 1954. They history looks good, and they are a very narrow focused company that is good at what they do. If you or someone you know is in that senior citizen category and you are looking for some quality Christian Life Insurance than Christian Fidelity is a good option.


  • AGFinancial – This insurance company is proudly serving people of faith and various ministries with their insurance products, investment products and loans for churches. AGF is a company that is global and serves upwards of 60,000 customers. AGF also specializes in helping you plan out your charitable giving during life and beyond. C3 like the concept that AGF has where when you invest with them, they use the capital to provide loans to grow various Christian ministries. They do this while still providing competitive rates of return. Check out their investment page HERE.


  • Catholic Life Insurance – CLI has been around since 1901 and people love their services. They have a great track record of giving back and they are a member-owned organization which is cool. If you are catholic and looking for a personal touch life insurance company then CLI is probably a good way to go!


  • Catholic Financial Life – Is an accredited Life insurance company that puts a personal touch on the industry. CFL has existed for over 150 years, and they are one of the largest not-for-profit financial organizations that are branded as Catholic. CFL seems to be a great organization trying to do some real good with their business model. If you choose to invest with CFL that is completely up to you, but their holdings are not as strict as C3 would like them to be, but they are better than most! An organization that offers its members money for spiritual retreats and Christian summer camps can’t be all bad.


  • Ethos – Ethos is one of the best rated Life Insurance companies out there. However, a lot of the rating sites are partnered with Ethos so the ratings should be taken with a grain of salt. Ethos has competitive prices and they do not typically conduct any medical exams. They even have possible same day coverage, but this is usually a long shot. Ethos is of course just a front company that partners with top carriers and is essentially a middleman. But that is the case with most of the companies on this list and those who operate in the Life insurance realm.


  • Bestow – Is another Life insurance Company that comes highly rated on the internet, but again this is somewhat in part because they are partnered with the sites giving the ratings. Bestow is primarily a term Life insurance company and their site is incredibly easy to use.


  • Ladder – The Forbes Advisor winner of the 2021 Best Life Insurance. They work with a proven insurer who has existed for almost 60 years. Ladder is a straightforward option that is legit and easy to use.


  • Policygenius – A quick and easy site that connects you with great rates and a large number of insurers. You want life insurance in a hurry, and you want it to be as easy as possible then Policygenius would be our pick.

In all honesty, Life Insurance is one of those industries that has been around for so long that if the company you are looking at has been in existence for a while and you have heard of them once or twice then they probably have a pretty good product. This is the beautiful thing about competition. No Life Insurance company is going to absolutely destroy another company in terms of what they can offer because the field is so highly competitive.

Here at C3 we always encourage you to go with a Christian based company like CLI, CFL, AGFinancial, or Christian Fidelity Insurance but none of the companies above are going to give you a bad product in terms of benefits and dollars spent. IF we had to pick our favorite then it would probably be AGFinancial since they use a lot of their funds to provide loans various ministries. Though the two catholic organizations on this list have a great track record of giving back to local communities.