Published on 10/14/21


Lucrative Stocks to Avoid…yeah you read that right.

In this post I am putting forth some temptation, but I assure you it is for good reason. Most people look at the world of investing as only a way to grow their bank accounts but here at C3 we choose to look at investing in a different way. We view investing as a way to grow the Body of Christ. C3 first looks at an investment and tries to figure out whether it is for the common good or whether it is opposed to the Christian Ideal. Once this verdict is established through our screening methods, we then look at the investment in terms of potential profits. In this post I am going to lay out some investments that are most likely going to be lucrative if you were to invest now or soon and hold for some time, but they are also investments that act as adversaries to the Christian ideal.

Those who are familiar with the work that C3 does probably have a few investments floating around in their head right now; Amazon, Netflix, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Apple. But these big-name players have been covered before and just about everyone and their brother knows these stocks can be lucrative and they also know that these stocks are not exactly advocates for Christian Morality. So instead of beating this drum for the millionth time I wanted to cover some stocks with real growth potential that Kingdom minded investors should stay away from.

Here is where the temptation comes into play…Say a prayer and ask our Lord to guide us every step of the way.

The first stock I would like to cover is that of Adobe (ADBE)

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Quick side note2nd Vote and inspire Investments are great resources but just like C3 these firms are flawed and do not catch everything so make sure you do your due diligence and engage in attentive prayer before making investment decisions.


Remember to always do your own research and to pray over any major financial decision.