Published on 12/18/2021

New Polity is a great website for awesome essays and videos about what the Christian world should like after we have done away with liberalism and the normalcy of its views it has spread. New Polity expresses their mission as “New Polity aims to investigate and construct a Christian postliberal worldview, recognizing that the defining characteristic of human societies is their fundamental orientation towards or away from God. We seek to achieve this by first deconstructing the assumed “normalcy” of liberalism—highlighting the inconsistencies and logical flaws—and then imagining what a society should look like to be truly Christian.”

New Polity recently released an essay on the dangers of blind/passive investing that we at C3 think everyone should check out!!

Find the Essay on Blind Investing HERE. New Polity does a great job doing a deep dive into some supposed Christian ETF’s.

New Polity also produced a little how to process on how to divest and what your options are if you want to stop being a passive investor. Check out that post HERE.

C3 is all about not reinventing the wheel. If someone is doing great work and advancing the mission then we want to highlight them and their organization. if you know of anybody or any organization doing great work that others should no about regarding the advancement of the Christian Ideal then please reach out and let us know!!

Christus Rex!