Published on 11/26/2021

The Big No-No List

(in no particular order)

There are over 7,000 different ticker symbols on the NYSE and the majority of those companies are probably not acceptable for a Christian to support for various moral and ethical reasons. Below is NOT a comprehensive list of companies not to invest in, but it does point out the more prominent bad actors that the Christian investor should be aware of.

C3 has identified the below 50 stocks as the most prominent and egregious opponents to Christian values on the NYSE. C3 will continually add to and edit this list as necessary, so please check back regularly for updates. Links are provided for each company on the list to show proof of their opposition to Christian Values. Many of these companies could have books written on the subject of them being opposed to the Christian Ideal, but C3 is only including one or two outside sourced links per company for the purposes of conciseness and time.

Please share this list with friends, family members and anyone else who you think should be aware of its content.

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