September 2021 Stock Picks

Published on 9/7/21


Tyson Foods (TSN) – $77.65

The Financials: TSN is not a company that is recommended by most investment recommendation sites, but it is expected to outperform the market in the future even though the market has outperformed TSN over the past two years. TSN is probably a safe bet overall and can be part of a safe and balanced portfolio. Low risk and low reward are what should come to mind when thinking TSN stock.

The Ethics: TSN is a company that has an impressive resume when it comes to giving back; 30+ million lbs. of food donated in 2020 alone, TSN has 59 plants that offer financial literacy and citizenship classes and TSN has invested $98 million in R&D in FY 2020 alone. TSN is a company that gives a good amount to charity, mostly through food banks and community events. The ESG Hub is a place where you can explore and track all that TSN is trying to do in terms of sustainability and charitable work.

The Summary: TSN is a Christian led/founded company with the following sentence right on their website “We strive to honor God and be respectful of each other, our customers, and other stakeholders.” However, Tyson Foods does promote, to a degree, an LGBTQ agenda through their PRIDE Network and their commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, (which are not bad within themselves, but the culture of the day has used tools like CRT and Gender Theory to make people think twice about the intended meaning of such words). TSN seems to align with the lion’s share of Christian Values, but caution and prudence should be taken with all investments.


Jack In the Box (JACK) – $104.46

The Financials: JACK is a fast-food company that also owns, operates and franchises Qdoba Mexican Grills. Jack has moved with the market predictably since 2018 but has recently taken a 10% dive during the summer of 2021. JACK should continue to grow steadily over time, but like 99% of stocks, JACK is not a get rich quick investment.

The Ethics: you can find out what charities JACK supports by viewing this LIST. JACK has ties to many charities and their reach is broad but most of their charitable giving is aimed at, at risk youth, childhood hunger, education, and the march of dimes. JACK use to have the “Jesus Fish” in their logo but changed their logo in 2009 to remove the Christian symbolism. JACK was originally founded by Robert Peterson in 1951 and was once thought to be a Christian based company.

The Summary: JACK is a company that passes C3 screening methods, however, there is always room for human error in the extensive research and discovery that C3 conducts.


Cameco (CCJ) – $22.20

The Financials: Cameco is a uranium mining company that provides fuel for nuclear power plant reactors. Cameco and other companies like it could be the way of the future for environmentally friendly energy sources. Cameco has recently started to outperform the market and has big upside, but the risk can be big given that large portions of the public are hesitant when the word nuclear energy is thrown around. Cameco’s future seems entirely dependent on how the world governments, and the public view nuclear energy.

The Ethics: Cameco is a Canadian company who has wrestled with tax disputes for the past 15 years over certain discrepancies in Cameco’s parent company tax returns. However, all disputes have been settled and the Canadian supreme Court has ruled in Cameco’s favor. Cameco donates 1% of net profit earnings every ear to community projects where they operate. Most other charitable activities by Cameco is centered around hospitals and encouraging youth to pursue careers in science.

The Summary: Cameco is not in any way a Christian Company, but it does pass surface level C3 screening criteria. If you are hesitant on Nuclear Energy companies, then I would recommend this video or this video from PragerU.



Terminix (TMX) – $42.99

The Financials: TMX has had a rollercoaster ride on the stock market over the past 5 years with some major peaks and valleys. TMX seems to be good at rebounding quickly when they get hit with a valley. Most professional analysts give it a Buy rating, but there is a fair share of skeptics. Bottom line is that Terminix will probably be a safe bet if you get in and hold for the long term.

The Ethics: TMX is pretty cut and dry. Good community service projects and no direct donations to planned parenthood or BLM that our research team could dig up. The parent company of TMX is Service Master and Service Master use to have the phrase “Made in God’s image” on their website. But, like most companies that started out with a religious foundation, Service Master has removed any verbiage on their site linking them to religion.

The Summary: TMX passes the C3 ethical screening, but it is probably not an investment that will make a lot of money now or in the future.