The C3 Family

Marc Lozano, C3 Founder

Marc Lozano is the founder of C3 and the main contributor/editor to C3 content. Marc was an agnostic borderline atheist for much of his life. However, when Marc met Taylor (His would be wife), his beliefs began to be challenged. These challenges put Marc on a long but very fruitful journey towards Christianity.

Marc has undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and finance with focuses on international economics. Marc always thought he was going to work on Wall Street but learned very quickly that it was not for him. Before starting Christ Centered Capital in Septemeber of 2021, Marc spent six years working for the NBA in their Business Operations department and building up a personal portfolio of investments that gave him the financial freedom to leave the NBA, support his family, and start a business focused on Christian Values.

Taylor & The Lozano Family

Taylor Lozano is the wife of C3 founder Marc Lozano and she helps keep Marc and the rest of the C3 team focused on producing quality content. Without Taylor sacrificing a rewarding career in the Sports Performance industry, C3 and the Lozano family would not be possible!

In addition to having the most crucial job of being a mom of three kids all under the age of four, Taylor is consantly being put into varying roles that are needed to support C3 (Customer Relations, Advertising Lead, Content Quality Manager, and all around catch-all).

The rest of the Lozano family includes…

Graciela, a very kind and intensely strong willed Five-year-old.

Magdalene, an adorable agent of Chaos.

Rocco, the easy-going third child.

Augustine, the baby of the family who gets way too much stimulation.

And Bailey, the Bernadoodle.

Fernando Capula, CMO

Fernando has been the best friend of Marc since the sixth grade and has been a huge support to the Lozano Family and the start of C3. Fernando has taken majority control of the C3 marketing efforts and has helped grow the C3 subscriber base to 22 states and 4 countries in just the first 5 months of operations.

Fernando is admittedly not a “Finance Guy” but his help in the marketing department has been invaluable! If you hae been paying attention, you will notice that a lot of C3 blog posts are made and edited by Fernando. So, blame him for typos!

Anonymous Contributors

C3 has a lot of support in the research and content production departments. Throughout Marc’s time in the finance industry he has made some great connections and many of those connections are sympathetic to the cause of Moral Investing. These contributors choose to remain anonymous, but keeping tabs on the marktes like C3 does would be impossible if it was just Marc, Taylor and Fernando. Therefore, a great deal of gratitude is owed to those who help produce C3 content!