Published on 9/6/2022

The 10 assets I would invest in if I was concerned with Christian Ethics but still more concerned with making a good ROI.

Finding the delicate balance of Ethics/Profits is a tough thing to do for the Christian Investor. The things that can reap the most ROI are usually piss poor when it comes to morality (Think: Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Google…etc…). But on the other hand, the companies that are truly working for the kingdom are not exactly going to make you rich anytime soon (Think: Covenant Logistics, Salem Media, and very few others). Since this balance would take countless hours of research and strained eyes looking at computer screens that you do not have time for, we though we would do everyone a favor and come up with a short list of assets that is well diversified, has financial potential, and our not directly funding the enemy’s camp.

The below list has 10 assets that meet the following criteria.

  • They must be timely, meaning they have financial potential at the present.
  • They must not be funding or supporting anything directly opposed to the Christian Ethic.
  • They must be fitting in with a long-term investment portfolio.
  • They must be accessible to the masses (meaning no location or demographic specific assets).

*Please keep in mind that this list is not composed of the most ethical assets C3 has found, it is composed of the best financial assets that are not egregiously offensive to Christian Morality.*

Also, as C3 has stated many times in the past, the most ethical way for a Christian to invest is to invest locally in your community by starting a business or coming along side others to help a business flourish. Such investments obviously could not be included in this list based on demographic and geographic limitations.

Okay, with all that said, let’s dive into our list of 10 assets to invest in today for the Christian investor. Click on the links for more in depth writeups by C3 analysts.

  1. Bitcoin/Ethereum – Crypto is an asset that can not be ignored and it has both its ethical highs and lows. However, from financial perspective it is a no brainer to include in someone’s long-term portfolio.
  2. Steel Dynamics (STLD) – A producer of a raw material that is a necessity to the world today that gets positive ratings from Ethical screeners and buy ratings from secular analysts.
  3. Nutrien (NTR) – This agricultural darling is seemingly for the common good and gets great buy ratings from analysts. It is currently one of the best performing picks from C3.
  4. Enphase Energy (ENPH) – an innovator in the solar technology space that does nothing outrageously offensive to the Christian ethic. Currently up 133% from when C3 first spoke about it.
  5. Cameco Corporation (CCJ) – A rare 100% buy rating on Robinhood and a few other financial outlets plus society’s need for clean and efficient energy has this nuclear energy company at the top of most of C3’s lists.
  6. Golar LNG (GLNG) – this liquified gas company made it on to our radar just a few weeks ago and we like what we have found in both financial potential and general ethics.
  7. Annaly Capital Management (NLY)/ Realty Income Corp. (O)/Agree Realty (ADC) – These three REITs are the best that C3 could find from a financial perspective that was also not engaged in any nonsense. REITs and ETFs in general are not really C3’s thing due to the difficulty of knowing exactly what you are invested in, but these are the best options we have found.
  8. BIBL ETF – this ETF by Inspire Investments is one ETF that we can comfortably get behind from a moral stance. However, their finances leave a little something to be desired. We know we said this list was slightly more focused on the finances than the morals, but we just cannot recommend a secular ETF that is performing well due to all the bad we have found in such products.
  9. Sandstorm Gold LTD (SAND) – This Canadian based Gold Company is the best option for a Christian Investor looking for a potential ROI in the precious metal space that C3 has come across so far.
  10. Hormel Foods (HRL) – We needed a food distributor on this list because consumer staples is a must in any long-term portfolio and Hormel is the best we found with a good combination of financial potential and good ethics.


There you have it, C3’s list of ten assets for right now that are also solid long-term holds and do not offend the Christian investors good will. PLEASE keep in mind that C3 is not an investment advisor of any kind. We are just a group of researchers concerned with investing in accordance with the Christian ethics who like to share our thoughts and opinions.



Please remember to spend time in prayer with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ before making any major financial decisions. Speaking with friends and family is always great too. 

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