Published on 7/27/2022


GOLD = Easily passed C3 Moral Screening Tests.

PURPLE = Barely Passed C3 Moral Screening Tests (Essentially Neutral).

RED = Failed C3 Moral Screening Tests.

Veeva Systems (VEEV) – The number one cloud provider for drug and life-science companies is what VEEV is. Since VEEV is the number one company in an industry that is largely succession proof it makes now a great time to buy VEEV according to many analysts. Eli Lilly and Gilead Sciences are just two of the huge names that use Veeva and the cost of switching to another provider is immense. All this makes VEEV a no brainer recommendation from the world of finance.

From a moral standpoint VEEV is a bit complicated as is all Healthcare related companies. VEEV does not trigger any red flags in our ethical screening processes, but VEEV platforms is used to test and funnel less than favorable drugs. On the other hand, it is a hugely beneficial tool used by drug companies that are doing some real good in the world. This mixed bag dilemma is why VEEV gets a Purple rating from C3.

United States Steel Corporation (X) – Its all in the name. US Steel produces and manufacturers just that, Steel. This American darling is headquartered right in Pittsburgh, PA. The company was founded by Andrew Carnegie, John Pierpont Morgan, Charles Michael Schwab and Elbert Henry Gary in 1901. Thos big names turned US Steel into the powerhouse it is today. Many analysts today think that US Steel is trading for less than what it is actually worth which makes it one of the top value stocks of the day. (Another great value stock you can look into is AZTA). One financial knock-on US Steel is that their Pension program is massive and will require a lot of cash contributions over the foreseeable future.

US Steel does score a 100 on the corporate equality index from the HRC and that usually means bad religious liberty and 1st amendment practices by a company, but US Steel seems to be a bit of an exception. Of course, US Steel pays lip service to all the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion hysteria but C3 doesn’t like to give red ratings just because of a toothless page on a corporation’s website.


Our third pick this week is actually the evaluation of an entire industry…Semiconductors.

Nancy Pelosi and her Husband are known to participate in insider trading and the latest target is the Semiconductor industry. Everyone knows the world is hurting for those chips that make all of our tech work. The senate is looking to pass a bipartisan bill to cultivate and incentivize more semiconductor manufacturing in the US. Right before this bill was set to go before the senate Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, bought $5M worth of Nvidia Stock. C3 mentioned in last week’s newsletter that China and the US are in a chip producing war that could have huge implications on who is the global superpower in the somewhat distant future.

The Excerpt from 7/20/22 newsletter “The fight over Chip production…China vs. The US. No, we are not talking about Doritos vs some Chinese knock off, we are talking semiconductors. The US used to produce about 37% of the world’s chips but now it only produces 12%. on the other hand, China has ramped up its chip production to meet 10% of world demand. The US Senate is working on a bill that would hopefully incentivize and bolster chip manufacturing on US soil.

With all this information in mind, we are going to resist the urge to write about the immoral actions of the Pelosi’s and just give you a running list of semiconductor companies rated from best to worst regarding the Christian Moral Perspective.


  1. Broadcom (AVGO) – An active supporter of STEM field education and common-sense environmental sustainability practices. 46 score from Christian investment Firm Inspire.


  1. Nvidia (NVDA) – This American owned Semiconductor company pops on our radar all the time. It always flirts with a Gold rating but never receives it based on just a lack of information that we have been able to procure. 45 score from Christian investment Firm Inspire.


  1. Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) – TSM is a great company in the fact that they turn up no red flags in our searches, but given that they are a foreign owned company there are pieces of information we do not have the ability to obtain, and this is why they are ranked lower than Nvidia. 49 score from Christian investment Firm Inspire.

(4-7 are all on the same level. Don’t pay much attention to why 5 is ranked above 6, they were all pretty even in why they got Red scores.)

  1. Qualcomm (QCOM)Supporter of the Equality Act & Out and Equal Workplace Advocate &Gift Matcher to Planned Parenthood. (-45) score from Christian investment Firm Inspire.


  1. Texas instruments (TXN)Supporter of the Equality Act & Out and Equal Workplace Advocate & Indirect Planned Parenthood supporter. (-38) score from Christian investment Firm Inspire.


  1. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Supporter of the Equality Act & Out and Equal Workplace Advocate (-43) score from Christian investment Firm Inspire.


  1. Applied Materials (AMAT)Supporter of the Equality Act and Donor to Girls Inc (Pro-Abortion Organization) (-29) score from Christian investment Firm Inspire.


Please remember to spend time in prayer with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ before making any major financial decisions. Speaking with friends and family is always great too. 

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