Published on 8/17/2022


GOLD = Easily passed C3 Moral Screening Tests.

PURPLE = Barely Passed C3 Moral Screening Tests (Essentially Neutral).

RED = Failed C3 Moral Screening Tests.

This week, we simply did not like what we saw in terms of recommendations from the market via our curation report. A lot of stock pickers out there always want your money so even in bad times they make recommendations that may not be up to par with their standard criteria, but they have to give you something because they want your money.

Here at C3, this is not the case because we don’t charge anything for our services. So, when we looked at our report this week and did not like what we saw, we thought…”hey maybe this is a good chance to take a week off and not write anything.” But we decided to combat our laziness and not commit the sin of sloth and write the below post instead.

The picks below are from curations reports in the past and they are the cream of the crop. The below picks are the stocks who have received a Gold rating and have done the best financially since they were first mentioned on the C3 website.


Drumroll please…And the three best Gold rated assets since C3’s inception (SEP 2021) are…

Enphase Energy, Inc. (ENPH)+136.07% since 1/23/22

A micro inverter systems company that focuses on the solar photovoltaic industry. That may sound like Chinese to you, but it essentially means that ENPH is a solar panel company. ENPH is the industry leader, and they stand to benefit massively from the climate bill that will be signed by the Biden Administration this week, ENPH is still boasting a healthy buy rating from the majority of analysts that C3 tracks. No red flags have been uncovered by C3 concerning the morality of ENPH.

Smile Direct Club (SDC)+69.91% since 6/13/22

This dental services company is no longer receiving buy ratings from analysts, but this is because its major predicted jump took place in the beginning of August. A long-term hold is the general thought for SDC investors. Though given their market dominance in the teeth straightening world, it wouldn’t be a complete idiotic move to buy in now with the idea to hold for a while.

Solaredge Technologies, Inc. (SEDG)+27.34% since 5/2/22

Solaredge is another benefactor from climate bills and its understandable to see why since they are the largest manufacturer in the world of inverters. Their consistent record of profitability plus recent acquisitions has made them a darling for most analysts. SEDG will not experience growth like they did in the past as market share growth begins to stagnate for the industry.


Below are some honorable mentions. These picks have done well but not well enough to crack the top three or they are not quite a Gold rated asset.

GIBI X Lith & BAT Tech (LIT)+31.31% since 4/18/22

If you know that 31 is a bigger number than 27 you may be wondering why LIT did not make it into our top three assets. Well, if you are a seasoned consumer of C3 content then you know how we feel about ETFs and that is what LIT is. Most of LIT holdings are reasonable when it comes to Christian morals by our analysis, but Tesla does make up 4% of its holding and the amount of research it takes to stay on top of the morality of an ETF is just too much. Therefore, we only give LIT a very cautious purple rating and do not actively recommend LIT even though it technically passes our moral screening tests. LIT is of course up because of the growth in both the EV industry and the solar panel industry.

Nutrien LTD. (NTR)+26.04% since 1/23/22

This crop nutrient company still is getting favorable buy ratings from the market. IT makes sense as to why given the global food shortage panic at the moment.

Steel Dynamics, Inc. (STLD) +24.06% since 11/12/21   

This Indiana based steel company is still being moderately recommended by the market and the main reason is the electric arc furnaces that Steel Dynamics is producing which are more efficient than furnaces of its competitors. The current steel export to import situation in the US and China is a cause for concern for investors. Keep this in mind if you choose to build upon or open a position with STLD.

Nucor Corporation (NUE)+23.84% since 11/12/21

NUE is another steel company like STLD but one who does not have the same backing by the market at the moment. NUE and STLD have grown at about the same rate since they made it onto the C3 radar but only STLD is being supported by buy ratings across the market. NUE is mostly just receiving hold ratings at the moment.


Please remember to spend time in prayer with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ before making any major financial decisions. Speaking with friends and family is always great too. 

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