Published on 8/3/2022


GOLD = Easily passed C3 Moral Screening Tests.

PURPLE = Barely Passed C3 Moral Screening Tests (Essentially Neutral).

RED = Failed C3 Moral Screening Tests.

The weekly three is looking a little different this week. We went for a deep dive into the S&P 500 to see what companies were weighing down the famous index and what companies were propping it up. We also took a look at what companies are currently being actively recommended as individual assets that are also held within the index.


The first of the weekly three are the 5 Worst Performing Stocks of the S&P 500 as of August 2022

  1. Netflix (NFLX) -62.7% LGBT Legislation, Abortion Legislation, Pornography Producer, NYC Pride Parade Sponsor. Still rooting for them in the streaming wars to beat out Disney. Life in the enemy’s camp is often picking the lesser of two evils.


  1. Align Technology (ALGN) -57.2% An orthodontics company best known for Invisalign is a company that just does not participate in the nonsense of wokeism. Also, despite having a horrid year thus far, they are still receiving favorable buy recommendations from the majority of analysts due to its domination of competitors.


  1. Carnival Corporation (CCL) -55.0% Gambling and lots of LGBT Philanthropy (Plus a 100 HRC score on the corporate equality index).


  1. PayPal (PYPL) -54.1% Equality Act Supporter, Matches gifts to Planned Parenthood, Center for Reproductive Rights Supporter.


  1. Meta Platforms (META) -52.7% CAP supporter (Abortion), countless LGBT Philanthropic efforts, Supports getting rid of concealed carry laws, Equality Act supporter.




The second part of the weekly three are the 5 Best Performing stocks of the S&P 500 as of August 2022

  1. Occidental Petroleum (OXY) +126.8% only scores a 20 on the HRC’s Equality Index, which makes OXV one of the better Oil company investments for a Christian Investor. Projected growth from its Permian basin position and long-term capital projects have some (Not all) analysts giving OXY a favorable buy rating.


  1. Coterra Energy (CTRA) +61% another oil and gas production company that does not have a lot of readily available information on it from a moral perspective. CTRA gets mixed feelings from the investment world with most saying to hold current positions but only a few saying to open up new positions in CTRA stock. We gave CTRA a purple rating just because no red flags were turned up in our searches. However, C3 does not feel comfortable actively recommending CTRA from a moral perspective.


  1. ExxonMobil (XOM) +58.4% ROMBA Partner, Matching gifts to Planned Parenthood, Partner of Population Services International.


  1. Enphase Energy (ENPH) +55.3% This Solar Micro-inverter company is very off the grid when it comes to morality. No real donations of any kind to controversial issues and it does not even show up on the HRC index. ENPH just focuses on what its business is meant to do and that is always something C3 likes to see. High tech product offerings, potential policy incentives from governments and industry leading margins have the market excited for the future of ENPH. Let’s just hope that ENPH does not get too ingrained in the climate hysteria.


  1. Hess (HES) +51.9% Equality Act Supporter.




The final part of the weekly three is a look at the top 3 timely Financial Recommendations from the S&P 500

  1. Etsy (ETSY)Perfect score on the HRC Index, but they do not outright support any LGBT legislation or engage in philanthropic efforts for the LGBT community. Some mishaps with workers and vendors have taken place as Etsy struggles to compete with the Amazons of the world. Etsy recently caught flack for letting major corporations sell on their supposedly homemade small business platform. The Market feels good about Etsy because they have dominated their niche market and raised barriers to entry to unscalable heights for new competitors.


  1. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B)lots of LGBT Philanthropy, It is more the nature of Warren Buffets company then its extracurriculars that make it receive a Red rating from C3. BRK promotes the buying and holding of some nefarious companies solely because they provide good ROI’s. Buffet himself seems disinterested in even ESG investing and Christian Moral investing is probably not even a concept that has entered his mind much less been put into practice. BRK has great financials and continues to beat the market over the long haul but a good portion of its holdings are in direct opposition to Christian Moral teaching.


  1. Walt Disney (DIS) – I mean come on do we even have to list all the bad that DIS pumps into society and supports?! Transgender Activism, “gay” content for Kids. LGBT Legislation, Child Grooming, and the content they produce is enough to turn someone’s stomach. $2M to the NAACP, HRC Partner, active opposition to Pro-Life legislation, Planned Parenthood Donor, opposes parental rights in education bill, and so much more.


Please remember to spend time in prayer with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ before making any major financial decisions. Speaking with friends and family is always great too. 

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