Published on 3/17/2022

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Undesert Takes a New Approach to Reverse Global Warming


An innovative startup called Undesert is taking on global warming with a new approach to carbon capture, and they’re raising capital for the business from accredited and nonaccredited investors on


Undesert aims to transform dry deserts into “smart forests” where a specific type of tree is irrigated through patented water desalination technology. This is powered by renewable solar energy. These trees can capture carbon and return pure oxygen to the air, helping to reverse the effects of global warming.


This startup was selected as part of the MassChallenge 2021 cohort and is now part of the Avatar Accelerator program that preps tech companies to compete for the $100M XPrize from Elon Musk’s organization.


Undesert highlights include:


  • Patented: 4 patents issued for water desalination technology.
  • Recognized: Semi-finalist in the MassChallenge 2021 cohort.
  • Traction: 2 years’ operating experience and 10 years growing this tree variety in the initial location.
  • Eco-friendly: Their operation has zero carbon footprint and zero waste products.
  • Experienced Leadership Team: Their team includes seasoned entrepreneurs, scientists and inventors who all believe in helping the environment.
  • Market: They aim to disrupt both the $200 billion market for wood products and the $200 billion carbon capture markets.


Meet the Founding Team

Undesert’s founder, Nik Seet, is an experienced entrepreneur having founded, developed and sold his first company to Adobe for $120M. Nik is an MBA graduate of UCLA, and he won the Rice University Business Plan contest in 2005.


After becoming a father, Nik felt compelled to take action to help save the planet for his kids and future generations. That was the beginning of Undesert.


Nik is joined by CTO Hill Kemp who has over 45 years’ experience with 50 chemical, petrochemical and refining processes. Hill invented, developed and patented the Undesert desalination process, which now has over 2 years of commercial operation track record.

He is a chemical engineering graduate of LSU, and he is dedicated to leaving our environment better than he found it.


Learn more about Undesert and see how you can be part of their mission as an investor here.

The C3 Team has very…well.. nuanced views on Climate Change/Global Warming, but we think Undesert has the right mindset.