Published on 2/21/2022

Quick Hitter Facts

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  • Bye-Bye Covid Protocols More Covid protocols are falling by the day. Coachella & Stagecoach festivals will not have any mandates in place when they return in April.


  • No More Guac! Drug Cartels in Mexico have allegedly made death threats to American Food inspectors, and this has resulted in an Avocado import ban on Mexico by the US. Yes, Drug cartels diversify as well, apparently into the Avocado business. More proof that the immoral will just go wherever the money is. That creamy green add-on at Chipotle is about to get awfully expensive!


  • Meta is the worst. Meta/FB CEO Zuckerburg sent a memo to employees last week stating that they should “live in the future.” Not exactly the Christian way of life but that is what we have come to expect from Meta.


  • Is Ad Tracking Dying? Google plans to limit Ad Tracking on Android phones in the next two years. Apple made similar moves that erased billions in sales for big tech and major social networks.


  • Food Delivery is Booming. Food Delivery Businesses are known for losing money, but DoorDash shares are up right now as they reported that 2021 sales grew despite more restaurants opening up for indoor dining.


  • Rate Hikes. The Fed will most likely raise rates on March 16th. The questions is, by how much!


  • BTC moves with the Market. Bitcoin just dropped by 7.5% last week and this is because two things. 1.) Projected Fed Rate Hikes & 2.) Russia/Ukraine Conflict. BTC is still being supported at the $40K range and that is a good sign for long-term crypto investors. So, yes cryptos are affected by what the Fed decides to do


  • Corrections or Bear Market? Over the last 46 years the market has experienced 24 corrections (A drop of 10%-20%) and only 5 of those corrections have turned into bear markets (A drop greater than 20%).


  • Elections influencing the market. Mid-term election years usually experience a pullback in the market but the following three months to end the year along with the first quarter of the next year tend to be pretty bullish.


  • War is Profitable. More often than not war and international conflicts create good buying opportunities for savvy investors. This is a sad truth about the world, but certain tragedies are profitable.


Next, let’s talk about what stocks were popping up on the C3 radar this week.

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