The Woke Corporation Fact Sheet

Published on 9/30/21

The companies below are all companies that support in one way or another left-wing ideology. This does not mean that these companies are pure evil or anything like that.  A matter of fact, a lot of these companies do some great things in terms of charitable giving. What it does mean is that there should be some hesitancy, prayerful contemplation and due diligence conducted before investing in these companies. Remember, when you invest in something or someone, that means you want that something or someone to grow in power and influence. So, the simple question must be asked when thinking about these companies…

As a Christian, do I want these companies to grow in power and influence?

Of course, this list is just a mere glimpse into the toxic woke culture that has taken over the corporate world. C3 plans on adding more information as time goes on to this list. We hope this list will be a tool to help our C3 subscribers become more knowledgeable and better morally informed investors for the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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